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Social impact


Social impact

YUP counselors and participants come from the rural slums of Phnom Penh, an area with a shortage of adult mentors and resources such as after school programs and community centers. This lack of resources means that many children do not have positive outlets to develop skills, express themselves, or just be kids.

Furthermore, according to the United Nations Development Program the mean years of schooling in Cambodia is 5.8 years. Most of the children who participate in our programs never have the opportunity to receive an education and those who are lucky enough to go to school attended for only half the day, leaving many of them at risk of negative street activities, especially in the slum communities. 

We believe that ultimate is a powerful way to engage youth, share essential values and skills applicable to every day life, and provide a positive alternative to negative street activities. Given that the sport is easily accessible (requiring only a disc) and that the sport promotes positive community values, our vision is to form self-sustaining community of youth leaders and ultimate players that will go on to change their community.